Tourist Attractions in Tamil Nadu

Located at the southern tip of India, Tamil Nadu is an enchanting place that is sure to leave you spell bound with its magnificent architecture, rich culture and exotic places. Be it the beautiful beaches, majestic temples or magnificent rock cut architecture, you will find everything in Tamil Nadu to mesmerize you and make you travel a memorable one. Capital city Chennai, commercial town of Tiruchirapalli, temple city Rameshawaram, wildlife sanctuaries, various events and festivals etc. are some of the major tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu.

Marina Beach

One of the finest and the second largest beaches in the world, Marina Beach is a popular tourist attraction of Chennai. This 12 km long beach features golden sand and shining blue water which allures people from all over the world. The beach is a popular picnic spot. Visitors get to enjoy different activities such as fishing, wind surfing, sun bathing, kit flying and beach volley ball. The place is an all time favorite for those who wish to spend some time amid natural beauty and tranquility. And this is not all; there are many food stalls around the beach where people can enjoy lip smacking snacks. People can also enjoy pony rides which are available on the beach ground.

Elliot Beach

Elliot's Beach is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu on the Eastern Coastal Plains of India. The famous Marina Beach in Chennai extends further south and gives rise to the Elliot's Beach. Located near Besant Nagar, this scenic beach is comparatively quieter and an ideal place to go sea bathing. Popular with travelers seeking a secluded beach, Elliot's is pleasant, safe for swimming, and ideal for lazing around and picnicking. The serene atmosphere, combined with the many attractions at the beach, ensures that the place is frequented by tourists as well as by locals residing in the nearby regions. Affectionately nicknamed "Bessie", Elliot's beach is lined with fast food joints, small stores, and a few shrines, and serves as a popular hangout for today's younger generation.

Covelong Beach

Covelong Beach is located at a distance of forty kilometers from Chennai, the state capital of Tamil Nadu. One of the popular beaches on the Coromandel Coast, Covelong is a dream destination that offers a picture perfect combination of the sun, sand and the sea. The swaying palms and the beautiful environs at the beach entice people from far and wide.

Five Rathas Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram, the temple town of India located along the shores of Bay of Bengal. This historic town is located at about 60 kms away from south of Chennai. The structures are called Rathas because of their peculiar architecture and shape. The word ‘Ratha’ means the ‘chariot’. These temples are named after the presiding gods and their images in the temples.

Mahabalipuram Beach

Located at a distance of about 58 km from Chennai, the historical town of Mahabalipuram has made a distinctive place for itself amongst the most popular tourist destinations in the state of Tamil Nadu. One of the greatest draws for tourists in Tamil Nadu are definitely the Beaches in Mahabalipuram. The Beaches in Mahabalipuram are simply fabulous.

Kodaikanal Lake

Also known as Kodai Lake, Kodaikanal Lake is an artificial lake, set in the Kodaikanal city in Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu, India. The lake was constructed back in the year 1863 in the shape of a star. Today, Kodaikanal Lake is one of the top tourist attractions of Kodaikanal.

Silver Cascade Kodaikanal

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Kodaikanal is the Silver Cascade (Waterfalls). Located 8 km from Kodaikanal (on the Madurai-Kodaikanal road), Silver Cascade is the result of excess water in the Kodai Lake (one of the man-made lakes in India). Soothing to your mind and soul, these falls create a thrilling and magical ambience. The water cascades down from a height up to 180 ft. and its picturesque beauty leaves you awestruck. You can see some visitors taking bath in this fall and enjoying the place as a picnic spot too. Moreover, you can see some fruit sellers and some shops offering you the forest products near to falls.

Pillar Rocks in Kodaikanal

Set at a distance of around 8 km from the heart of city, Pillar rocks is a famous tourist attraction of Kodaikanal. Pillar rocks is a set of three huge rock pillars which stand vertically, shoulder to shoulder. Standing at a height of 400 ft from the ground, the rock pillars are known to offer spectacular views of the surroundings.

Dolmen Circle Kodaikanal

Dolmen Circle is one of the famous anthropological sites in Kodaikanal. Frequently visited by history lovers, Dolmen circle is considered to be a great hiding shelter, dwelling and burial places for ancient men, dating back to around 5000 BC. The hideout was like a storeroom to many valued belongings. The Dolmen Circle is put-up with two large erected stone slabs, topped by a large flat slab.  

Coakers Walk Kodaikanal

When in Kodaikanal, do not miss the Coaker’s Walk, one of the most popular walks offered at this enchanting hill town. If you wish to soak-in the clean fresh air and treat your eyes to the lush greenery while admiring the pleasant weather, enjoy a leisure walk on this walkway.

Yercaud Hill Sation

Also known as Jewel of South and Lake Forest, Yercaud is situated at an altitude of 1515 meters above sea level. Fields of coffee, citrus fruits, jackfruit, banana and pears carpet Yercaud profusely. And the weather always stays delightful, as the temperature does not ever go beyond 29 degrees Celsius. It doesn’t get too cold too. Yecaud’s highest point, Servanarayan Temple (1623 meters) is dedicated to Lord Sarvanarayan and Goddess Kaveri. This is a significant highlight of Yercaud, the temple hosts a seven day fair in the middle of May. People gather to behold and savor boating races, dog shows, flower exhibitions and a lot more.

Dolphin’s Nose, Ooty

Frequently visited by nature lovers, Dolphin’s nose is one of the striking viewpoints formed with huge rocks. Settled at an elevation up to 1,000 ft above the sea level, the view point is 10 km from Coonoor hill station, Ooty. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ooty.

Avalanche Lake Ooty

Set at a distance of 26 km from Ooty, Avalanche Lake is a paradise for nature lovers. It is counted as one of the star attractions of Ooty. The place is set amid a captivating landscape with lovely flowers which adds to its beauty. Avalanche is a perfect destination for those who wish to spend some time amidst peace and natural beauty.

Botanical Garden Ooty

Laid in 1848, this Botanical Garden is spread over an area of 22 hectares and sits on the foothills of Dodabetta Peak; the highest peak of Nilgiri Hill Ranges. The garden is divided into several sections, namely Lower Garden, New Garden, Italian Garden, The Conservatory and The Nursery.  It houses a thousand species of plants, shrubs, ferns, herbal, bonsai plants and trees. In the center, a 20-million years old fossilized tree trunk is placed.

Tea Museum Ooty

Located on the highest peak of Nilgiri, Tea Museum offers you the delicious exhibition of different tea types. As Nilgiri Mountain boasts of being India’s second-largest hill station bounded by tea gardens, this is a heaven for tea-lovers. Owing to its splendid charm Dodabetta Tea Museum can rightfully be addressed as one of the best places to visit in Ooty.

Kalhatti Falls Ooty

One of the good places for wildlife and nature lovers, Kalhatti Waterfalls is located in Kallattipura in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. Kalhatti offers its visitors with the splendid view of water cascading down from a height of around 40 meters. With the picturesque surrounding of dense forests, the place boasts of wide variety of flora and fauna.

Pykara Lake and Waterfall Ooty

Pykara is a well- known getaway set at a distance of 21 km from Ooty. Pykara is a beautiful village with a gushing river which has a dam and a power plant. Because of the dam, the backwater forms a big lake which is called Pykara Lake. At the end of the dam, the river falls from a height which is known as Pykara Falls. This is how Pykara becomes the perfect picnic spot. The attraction is set amid lush greenery and breathtaking sights which allures people from different corners of the world.

Kamaraj Sagar Dam, Ooty

Blessed with pristine beauty of green slopes and serene spots, Kamaraj Sagar Dam is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ooty. The Dam is situated in the town Kandal, which is 10 km away from Ooty. Kandal is a small place, famous for its picturesque surrounding and ancient towering trees.

Emerald Lake, Ooty

One of the important tourist attractions in Ooty is Emerald Lake. It is located in the region of Silent valley in the Nigiri district of Tamil Nadu. Surrounded by enchanting tea farms, Emerald is a beautiful lake; soothing to your mind and soul. It is considered as a great picnic spot.

Gandhi Memorial Kanyakumari

Gandhi Memorial is located in Kanyakumari and is a centre of cultural importance. Gandhi Memorial is a home to a colossal Library that is packed with rare historical books based on the life and activities of Mahatma Gandhi. There are several thousand books in the library along with pamphlets, magazines etc. it is open for public reading on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. During the months of July and August the Library remains closed because special programs are held there during that time.

Thiruvalluvar Statue, Kanyakumari

Settled on a small island rock, amidst three pristine water bodies (Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal) is the iconic Thiruvalluvar Statue in Kanyakumari. The statue is one of the most popular attractions, alluring Indian as well as International visitors from all parts of the globe. It is a memorial statue of Thiruvalluvar, a Tamil poet.

Vivekananda Memorial Kanyakumari

The Vivekananda Rock Memorial is located at Kanyakumari where the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal merge with the great Indian Ocean. The Vivekananda Rock has been dedicated to the Indian Philosopher Vivekananda who had spent his days trying to awake the Indians from their state of stupor. Vivekananda dedicated most of his life trying to awaken the inner soul of man.

Yelagiri Hills Station

A stunning and serene hill station of the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Yelagiri lies at an altitude of 3,460 feet above the sea level. Located just off the Vaniyambadi-Tirupattur road, this place boasts of housing rose gardens, lush valleys and orchards.

Coonoor Hill Station

Coonoor is the second largest hill station of Nilgiri Range and has an average elevation of 1850 meters above sea level. The town is brimming with tea gardens and lush greenery. Located about 20 kilometers from Ooty, Coonoor is the gateway to serenity and that’s what makes this town famous amongst trekkers and nature buffs.

Kovai Kutralam Falls, Coimbatore

Situated in Suruvani hills, close to Coimbatore, Kovai Kutralam falls are amongst the very few scenic attractions in Tamil Nadu that can simply hypnotize someone with its grand flow and enchanting roar.


  1. Marina Beach
    Marina Beach
  2. Elliot Beach
    Elliot Beach
  3. Covelong Beach
    Covelong Beach
  4. Five Rathas Mahabalipuram
    Five Rathas Mahabalipuram
  5. Mahabalipuram Beach
    Mahabalipuram Beach
  6. Kodaikanal Lake
    Kodaikanal Lake
  7. Silver Cascade Kodaikanal
    Silver Cascade Kodaikanal
  8. Pillar Rocks
    Pillar Rocks
  9. Dolmen Circle
    Dolmen Circle
  10. Coakers Walk
    Coakers Walk
  11. Yercaud Hill Station
    Yercaud Hill Station
  12. Dolphin’s Nose
    Dolphin’s Nose
  13. Avalanche Lake
    Avalanche Lake
  14. Botanical Garden Ooty
    Botanical Garden Ooty
  15. Tea Museum
    Tea Museum
  16. Kalhatti Falls
    Kalhatti Falls
  17. Pykara Lake
    Pykara Lake
  18. Kamaraj Sagar Dam
    Kamaraj Sagar Dam
  19. Emerald Lake
    Emerald Lake
  20. Gandhi Memorial
    Gandhi Memorial
  21. Thiruvalluvar Statue
    Thiruvalluvar Statue
  22. Vivekananda Memorial
    Vivekananda Memorial
  23. Yelagiri Hills Station
    Yelagiri Hills Station
  24. Coonoor Hill Station
    Coonoor Hill Station
  25. Kovai Kutralam Falls
    Kovai Kutralam Falls